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Medical Education: Health, Culture and Humility

Beau Gilmore, SMD 2014, and CGH Scholar Award in Medicine recipient for 2013, has worked abroad extensively, as a student and volunteer in Moshi, Tanzania; Cusco and Lima, Peru, and in Quito, Ecuador. He has worked and learned, "... in a variety of different settings, including two community-based clinics. What I quickly realized in all of these travels is that nowhere in the world is immune to oppression, poverty, and disease."

The Center for Global Health Scholar Award in Medicine is intended to foster knowledge and regard for practictioners and patients globally, to expand perspective, and to provide critical insight only accessible through immersion in a different environment, with different resources and expectations. CGH founding director Dr. Richard Guerrant has championed transformative international experiences for UVa medical students since 1978. Global experience is increasingly regarded as an essential component of higher education; medical scholars both derive and contribute a great deal during their international rotations.

Beau explained his work with the UVa-Guatemala Initative, "I hope to serve, listen, observe, and assist when necessary, but most importantly, I hope to grow. This growth could certainly help my local placement sites if I’m lucky, but my ultimate hope is to better serve my patients in the future. We grow to better serve them by knowing their language, appreciating their culture, and conducting ourselves with enough humility to know when our own understanding is deficient in either."

Rising 3rd year medical students are eligible for the  CGH Scholar Award in Medicine Scholar Award. Friends and family can make tax-deductable donations to support your international rotation through the UVa Medical Alumni Association. Just indicate the intention of the gift and please consider providing funding for future students.

Photo Credits: Beau Gilmore, Traditional female and male traje in Todos Santos, Guatemala.