Meet Anna Long

Prevalence of Malarial Drug-Resistance in Southwestern Uganda
Photo Credit: 2015 CGH Scholar, Anna Long, Uganda



Traveling to Uganda to partake in novel malaria research was an inspiring and immeasurably educational experience. In addition to learning critical epidemiological information on the disease, I expanded my global awareness, empathy, and interest in human health. I regularly reflect on this trip to contemplate how best I can use my skills and education to benefit our global community.

Anna Long, Global Development Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

In collaboration with Epicentre Mbarara Research Base on the grounds of Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), this study aimed to better understand the prevalence of malarial drug-resistance in southwest Uganda. Drug resistance has been a huge issue in the past, with global resistance to chloroquine spreading by the 1980s and rendering this first-line antimalarial obsolete in endemic areas. Our research is part of the ongoing genetic surveillance occurring on the African continent intending to understand and foresee a rise in resistance mutations that may affect malaria treatment region to region.