2016 Center for Global Health Photo Contest

International experience and particularly, experience centered around global health, is evocative and transformative. The Center for Global Health invites students and faculty to share their photographs and stories which represent the rich possibilities of engagement: global health collaboration, innovations and solutions. 

Who can enter? Any UVa student who has conducted Global Health or Development research or scholarship for UVA within the past year. 

Where to enter? Upload photos on the 2016 GLOBAL HEALTH PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST page.

When to enter? Deadline is SEPTEMBER 30, 2016.

What’s the prize?  Winners and prizes will be announced Wednesday October 5th at the Center for Global Health Scholars Symposium.

Please submit photos with the highest resolution possible. 

General and Usage Guidelines

Please submit photos which reflect a sensitive, respectful approach to communities, individuals and environments. Please do not include photos of individuals who have not given consent to be photographed or photographs taken in a context which compromises privacy.

Each submitter grants a non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, publish, display, and distribute submitters image, in whole or in part. All rights to the original work will be retained by the copyright holder. Photos may be printed, reproduced in social media or featured online.