Planning International Rotations

Advanced preparation is necessary for international rotations. Sites have limited availability for international residents and there is unfortunately a variety of paperwork required prior to leaving for UVA, the GME and your department.

Hopefully this page can guide you through the process. For all sites do the following:

1.        Pick a rotation block at least 6 months in the future to travel.

2.        Email the GHLT contact listed for your site of interest.

3.        Internal Medicine Residents (IM): Email Joy Hilton, who will assist you in organizing your rotation.
           Family Medicine Residents (FM): Email Annie Copeland, who will assist you in organizing your rotation.
           Pediatrics Residents (P): Email Natalie Mechak, who will assist you in organizing your rotation.
           Surgery Residents (S): Email Kristen Dudley, who will assist you in organizing your rotation.

4.        Graduate Medical Education office: Email Sarah Oh when you complete your registration for Hoos Abroad with the International Studies Office.

The following must be completed 4 months before the start date of your rotation to be approved by the GME:

**Surgery Residents, the process for organizing your rotation may be different than what is listed below. Please contact Kristen Dudley to guide you through the process.**

1.        Discuss your plan with Dr. Dillingham (IM), Dr. Hauck (FM), Dr. Brown (P) or Dr. Calland (S) and obtain approval.

2.        Complete a GMEC away rotation application and submit to Joy Hilton (IM), Annie Copeland (FM) or Natalie Mechak (P).   The correct form can be obtained from your contact person.

  • A Program Letter of Agreement (PLA) from the person at the foreign institution who will be primarily supervising you will be completed by Joy Hilton (IM), Annie Copeland (FM) or Lisa Morris (P). Contact them to facilitate completing this. A Program Letter of Agreement is not required for a rotation at an international site at the UVA GME. However, it is the responsibility of each program to get approvals for international rotation sites as required by the ACGME or the Board. Such requirements vary across programs. The Surgery Residency recently obtained approval for the site in Rwanda from the ACGME.
  • A CV of the person at the foreign institution who will be supervising you is required for your GMEC application. Obtain this by contacting Joy, Annie or Lisa.

3.        Register with the International Studies Office (ISO). Stacey Hansen is the contact person at the ISO.

4.        Complete and submit the International ISO checklist. Download here.

5.        For IM residents: Obtain schedule approval from the Chiefs. This is considered a Specials month, and a protected block.

6.        For IM residents: Alert UMA as soon as possible to make sure you have no UMA scheduled that month. Find coverage for your inbox.

7.        Make an appointment with the UVA Traveller's clinic to talk about vaccines and protocols for needle-stick etc. Schedule this >2 months in advance of your trip. Phone 434-982-1700.

8.        Make sure you have a passport that is up-to-date. Passports in general must be valid for >6 months at the time of travel in order to be used.

9.        Certain countries require a visa. This is listed under each site location, but can change. Visit for the most current information on visa requirements.

10.     Make photocopies of your passport and keep them in multiple locations.

11.     Consult a benefits counselor to verify that your health insurance will cover you while out of country. Go to Go under 'HR For You' and click on House Staff. The flyer is located under 'Disability'

12.     Your advisor in-country must complete an evaluation on you and vice versa at the end of your rotation. Download here and here.

13.     Email Joy Hilton (IM), Annie Copeland (FM), Natalie Mechak (P), or Kristen Dudley (S) the following information prior to leaving:

  • contact information for you in country
  • your emergency contact information
  • a copy of your itinerary
  • a copy of your passport



Deans Global Graduate Medical Award

Scholarships available to residents to cover some travel expenses through the Deans Global Graduate Medical Award.