2016 Center for Global Health University Scholars

CGH University Scholar Award Project Narrative: Solar Water Heating Technology in the Hospital Nacional de Totonicapán: Assessing Implementation Results and Further Needs         

Adam Schefkind, SOM; Grant Anhorn, SEAS


The Pragmatics of Trust in Urban Uganda: An Interactional Approach to Medical

Anna Eisenstein, GSAS*


Effects of Mobile Banking on Rural South Indian, Women       

Ashwanth Samuel, CLAS; Claudia Muratore, CLAS; Mary Long, CLAS; Jordan Arnold, CLAS


Going Digital: Implementation of an Electronic Medical Record in Hospital Nacional “José Felipe Flores”, Totonicapán, Guatemala          

John Baker, SOM; Korey Marshall, SOM


Honey as a Wound Healing Additive: Survey of Rwandan Regional Hospitals    

Alice Burgess*, CLAS; Emily Romano, CLAS


International Development Policy, Politics of Developing Areas, Public Health 

Eliza Campbell, Batten


Evaluation of BioSand Water Filter Implementation and Education Courses to Ensure Sustainable Growth to More Communities in Rural Guatemala 

Sarah Dar, SEAS; Aurora Lofton, CLAS; Logan Haley, CLAS


Prevalence and Distribution of Asthma in St. Kitts and Nevis   

Deega Omar*, CLAS; Maha Hassan, CLAS/MPH


Preparing Mothers in Rwanda for Breastfeeding: A Survey of the Information Provided to HIV and non-HIV Infected Mothers on Best Breastfeeding Practices 

Cherise Green, SOM; Ceshae Harding, SOM


Designing a Student-Led Discharge Navigation Program for Hispanic Patients: A Study and Pilot Program with the UVA Emergency Department        

Joemar Pazos Flores de Valgas, SON; Vatsal Patel*, SOM


Palliative Care Interventions Used by Community Health Workers and Professional Nurses in Limpopo Province South Africa      

Lillian-Marie Ware, SON (CNL); Mary Kay O'Brien, SON (CNL); Jennifer Stueve, SON (CNL)


Baseline Testing of the Health Effects of the MadiDrop in the Limpopo Region of South Africa        

Kelly McCain; CLAS; Cat Reynolds, SEAS; Amanda Gaylord, CLAS; Evie Stinger, SON; Courtney Hill, SEAS, (PhD candidate)


Analysis and Implementation of Emergency Medical Services in Totonicapán, Guatemala  

Michaela Banks, SOM; Dallas Ducar, SON (CNL); Mrinmayee Takle, SOM


Creating a Virtual Support Network (VSN) for Men Living with HIV in South Africa     

Sasheenie Moodley*, CLAS; Ella Shoup, CLAS; Vijay Edupuganti, SEAS


The systemic effect of Thoracic Surgery Simulation in Rwanda 

Nebil Nuradin, SOM


MicroHub: An education platform for refugees           

Porter Nenon, CLAS; Kaija Flood, CLAS/Batten MPP: Adam Jones, CLAS; Will Henagan*, CLAS / MS in Commerce


Determining the Cultural Acceptability and Feasibility of Self-Screening for Cervical Cancer in Bluefields, Nicaragua        

Yolande Pokam Tchuisseu*; CLAS; Kaelor Gordon, CLAS; Hala Al Kallas, CLAS, Mariana Forero, CLAS


Assessing culturally compatible educational modules for modifiable cardiovascular disease risk factors in Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala     

Laura Deal, School of Medicine; Simone Reaves, School of Medicine