CGH Student Advisory Board

What is the CGH Student Advisory Board?

The Center for Global Health Student Advisory Board (SAB) works to advance the next generation of global health leaders at the University and to promote interdisciplinary discussion of global health on Grounds. The SAB is a complement to the Center for Global Health and reflects CGH investment in student initiative and leadership. Since its inception, CGH SAB has developed into the central student driven engine for global health advocacy and scholarship at the University of Virginia and serves as a primary resource for students interested in getting involved with global health work at UVa.


Our Committees

Graduate Student Committee

Plans opportunities and events to engage the graduate community in global health.

Special Events

Plans and supports various events around Grounds, including speakers, discussions, journal clubs, and more, focusing on a multitude of global health issues.

Global Health Month

Designs, plans, and executes a dinner series throughout the month to increase awareness of and stimulate discussion about various global health issues.

Global Health Case Competition

Plans and supports the annual Global Health Case Competition.

Who We Are

Name: Claire Romaine
Position: CGH SAB Student Liaison
Major/Year: Human Biology, 2018
Involvement on Grounds: General Chemistry Lab TA, Group Exercise Instructor at the AFC, Jefferson Literary and Debating Society
Why are you involved with the CGH and Global Health?: I joined CGH as a first year; I saw Global Health as a career that would quench my thirsts for travel, problem-solving, and meeting interesting people. CGH has already given me these opportunities (a trip to Rwanda, planning super fun events, getting to know some of my best friends) and so many more.
What is your favorite UVA event?: Rotunda Sing

Name: Sedona Hoppe-Brosse
Committee: Global Health on Grounds
Major/Year: Global Health and History/ Class of 2018
Involvement on Grounds: Madison House Bridging the Gap, VISAS, Moot Court
Why are you involved with the CGH and Global Health?: I am pursuing a career in international health diplomacy and am incredibly passionate about promoting the concept of health as a human right. I find that the Center for GLobal Health is an incredible resource and serves as a liaison for students to the larger global health community and gets us engaged in the global initiative to ensure all people have access to equitable health care. CGH hosts a wide variety of events that engage the student body and fosters an educational exchange between professors, professionals, academics, scholars and students. It’s incredible to have a community of people that are interested in the same problems, problems that may appear at times ominous and unsolvable, but within that community have a true atmosphere of encouraging and inspiring thoughts and ideas put into action when possible to make a true and impactful difference.
What is your favorite UVA event?: Global Health Month and Trick or Treating on the Lawn

Name: Natalie Browning
Committee: Global Health on Grounds
Major/Year: History/South Asian Studies/Secondary Ed, Third Year
Involvement on Grounds: Pi Beta Phi Sorority, Senior Producer/Membership Coordinator for the Pioneer (Hackcville), Charlottesville Abundant Life (Madison House), and CGH!!
Why are you involved with the CGH and Global Health?: Historically, I am known to get loig thoughts. As a humanities major, I try and connect the past with the present, and come up with solutions to the major conflicts that exist today in the world. This process is largely driven by passion, and sometimes this process can be discouraging when grappling alone. In many global conflicts, ‘the answer’ can be far from black and white. At the Center for Global Health, problems are discussed, but so are solutions. My peers are brilliant, and able to weave together the complexities of science, politics, economics, cultural influences, and social customs, in an effort to understand global health. My experience at CGH has been a cohesive interdisciplinary effort to make the world a better place, and I love it.
What is your favorite UVA event?: Laying and reading on the Lawn on a beautiful day

Name: Claire Corkish
Major/Year: Government, 3rd Year
Involvement on Grounds: GlobeMed@UVa, Global Development Organization, Madison House, Wesley Student Fellowship
Why are you involved with the CGH and Global Health?: While interning as a caseworker at the Coventry Refugee Center, I worked with some of the most vulnerable people in my city. Many of my clients suffered from mental illness and chronic diseases that were exacerbated due to an inability to access medical care, left untreated and undiagnosed because of social stigma and fear. Through this work, I realized that to make a difference in global health, you don’t necessarily need to leave the country, or even Charlottesville. I am excited to be part of the CGH this year, working to promote global health through everything from discussions at our bi-weekly journal club to scholarships like the CGH Scholars program.
What is your favorite UVA event?: Rotunda Sing!

Name: Matt Salit
Committee: Global Health Month

Major/Year: Undeclared, Second Year
Involvement on Grounds: Stall Seat Journal; Sustained Dialogue; Peer Health Educator; Madison House Volunteer; Reformed University Fellowship
Why are you involved with the CGH and Global Health?: Public health improves the quality of life and protects the health of the communities, both local and global, that we call home.  I initially became interested in public health after responding to a driving accident in my community with a safe driving educational campaign.  My involvement on Grounds with other health and wellness organizations has further fueled an appetite for effective responses to local public health concerns.  I want to work with my peers at the Center to apply those skills in a global setting and promote dialogue and awareness about global health on Grounds.
What is your favorite UVA event?: Lighting of the Lawn

Name: Golda Houndoh
Committee: Case Competition
Major/Year: Global Development Studies, Class of 2019
Involvement on Grounds: Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, First Year Players, Madison House, Autism Theatre Project, Young Women’s Leadership Program, ULink Advising
Why are you involved with the CGH and Global Health?: I was born in Togo, West Africa and I was lucky enough to immigrate to the US after my mom won the Lotto-Visa– a literal lottery for visas. In the winter break of 2015-2016, I was fortunate enough to get to re-visit Togo and it was the most eye-opening, mind-blowing, but nevertheless, the best experience of my life. After seeing all the disparities, my eyes were opened to the importance of Global Public health and the impact I could have on my country by studying it. CGH’s discussions, forums, and advising would be the perfect step in the right direction! I’m very excited to see what my first year of CGH-SAB has in store for me!
What is your favorite UVA event?: Lighting of the Lawn!

Name: Adam Jones
Committee: Tech and Health
Major/Year: Economics/2018
Involvement on Grounds: SE@UVA, One in Four, Virginia Pay for Success Lab, Jefferson Literary and Debating Society
Why are you involved with the CGH and Global Health?: As a CGH Scholar, I was lucky enough to study global health and education in Rwanda. My experiences there inspired me to spread awareness and interest in global health here on Grounds.
What is your favorite UVA event?: YAR

Name: Mariana Forero
Major/Year: Global Development Studies, 3rd Year
Committee: Tech and Health

Involvement on Grounds: Globemed at UVa, Global Greeters, Global Development Organization, Arts Box Office ticket agent, CGH SAB Member
Why are you involved with the CGH and Global Health?: During my first year, I started going to Globemed meetings on a whim and found something that I’m really passionate about. Health is a human right because without your health, life can be very difficult. People around the world are socially determined to having unhealthy lives, so I’m hoping to find a path in life that allows me to help fight this problem. Working in the CGH SAB will allow me to do so during my time here in UVa through raising awareness and hosting events that allows for discussion on this issue.
What is your favorite UVA event?: Lighting of the Lawn