CGH University Scholar Award Application Overview

The CGH University Scholar Application opens in December and closes on January 17, 2020. All required content is detailed below:

Please submit ONE application (on behalf of all team members) to represent your project. Additional documentation, including letters of recommendation, can be sent directly to
This application includes the following components:
Project Narrative (Narrative should not exceed two pages; citations and personal statement can exceed the two page limit.)

1)    Overview / Abstract (300 words)
2)    Research Question/Rationale
3)    Methodology
4)    Expected outcomes
5)    References/Citations
6)    Personal Statement


1)    Airfare and ground travel
2)    Medical Evacuation Insurance
3)    CDC Required Vaccinations / Medical
4)    Living Expenses
5)    Accommodations
6)    Food
7)    Phone and Data Costs
8)    Project supplies

Supporting Documents

CV or Resume

Letter of Support from a UVa faculty mentor

Letter of Support from your in-country mentor or partner

Important: International Studies Office (ISO) Compliance. EACH student application is required to login via Netbadge to STUDENT PROJECTS ABROAD, create a profile for your proposed project,and complete the TRAVEL FORM FOR STUDENT RESEARCH AND LEARNING ABROAD. This is required for all applications for international funding.  In addition to creating your profile, please upload this form and another other required documents directly to your Student Projects Abroad profile.

The ISO Travel Form is a required component of your CGH Application. Travel forms must be completed and uploaded to your Student Projects Abroad account by the CGH Scholar Award Deadline in order to be reviewed.

Important: Institutional Review Board (IRB) Compliance. All research conducted under the aegis of the University of Virginia requires Institutional Review Board oversight. It is the resposibility of all students involved in research to seek appropriate guidance from the University IRB offices and comply with any UVa Institutional Review Board requirements which may apply. Protocols should be submitted to the IRB.