Global Health Global Advising: Opportunities in South Africa, USA, and the Hannah Graham Memorial Award

November 1, 2017 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
CGH Corner Building
2017 CGH Scholars in Morocco

Wednesday 1 November | 5-7PM | Center for Global Health, UVa Corner Building

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Join us to learn about interdisciplinary research opportunities in South Africa and South Dakota, which are eligible for funding by the CGH University Scholar Award, with UVa faculty mentors and peer leaders.

The Center for Global Health University Scholar Award supports individuals, partners or teams of students with awards of up to 15K. Join us during the Global Health Global Research Advising sessions each Wednesday at CGH on the UVA Corner throughout the fall semester.

SOUTH AFRICA: Professor Liz Rogawski (Public Health Sciences) will discuss research on the effectiveness of low-cost point-of-use water treatment technologies to prevent stunting among children in Limpopo, South Africa. Students will be working on an ongoing community-based randomized controlled trial in the Dzimauli community, about 45 min outside Thohoyandou, South Africa. The study is designed to test the effectiveness of two point-of-use water treatment technologies to improve clean drinking water access, reduce enteropathogen burden, and improve child growth among children in Limpopo, South Africa. Students will work closely with local fieldworkers to collect water samples and support other activities in the field. They will also partner with UNIVEN students to work in the lab at UNIVEN to test water and stool samples collected during the study for fecal coliforms and 8 common enteropathogens that have been associated with poor developmental outcomes. Because it is operationalized by a local study coordinator, data entry personnel, and more than 10 local fieldworkers, this study provides a unique opportunity for summer students to be involved in a larger project and learn from many different people about how international field studies are conducted.

SOUTH DAKOTA: 2017 CGH Scholar, Megan Eisenfelder, and Faculty Mentor, Howard Epstein (Environmental Sciences) This is a unique project that combines environmental sciences research, educational exchange, and community health within the context of a rangeland ecology, bison grazing experiment on the Lake Traverse Reservation of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate tribe in northeastern South Dakota. For the science research, we will be analyzing the comparative effects of bison vs. cattle grazing on Native American rangelands, with regard to 1) the sustainability of the vegetation, soils, and animals, 2) the abundance and productivity of traditional medicinal plants, and 3) the economic viability of the animal production.  This research project provides the context for educational exchange between UVA students and tribe members, with particular foci  on 1) generating science education opportunities for tribal youth that may extend way beyond the current capacity of their educational system, 2) involving UVA students in the research, collaborations, and interactions with tribal community members.

HANNAH GRAHAM MEMORIAL AWARD: This award will support research/educational engagement related to a topic or issue relevant to promoting health and development and/or to reducing the incidence and/or severity of violence against women and girls. The engagement will include coursework or independent study during the semester preceding the field placement to prepare for research or service work in the chosen community. The field placement must be for at least eight weeks, and it is preferable that this placement occur in a French-speaking developing country (such as Rwanda or Morocco where University partnerships exist). Deadline is 1 December 2017. Learn more at