Global Health Research Advising

October 11, 2017 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Center for Global Health: 1400 W Main Street
2015 CGH Scholar Callie Johnson in South Africa

Join us Wednesday, October 11th, 5-7PM 
at the Center for Global Health on the UVA Corner

Global Health Research Advising Session 
Center for Global Health Research Opportunities

  David R. Burt, MD
  Director, UVa-Guatemala Initiative; Faculty, Department of Emergency Medicine


  UVA-GI Research Focus areas include: 
  - Potable water and Sustainable technologies (Healthy communities) Initiative (San Lucas)
  - Women’s Reproductive Health in the South Lake Atitlán Basin (SLAB)
  - Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) community-based education and research (Santiago, Atitlán)
  - Data, Communications, and Technology in limited-resource environments
  - Emergency Medicine and Trauma:  systems development , capacity building and provider education (Totonicipan)
  - Global Health at Home activities (Charlottesville)
  - Electronic Medical Record (EMR) development, informatics, data utilization in Health (Proyecto SABER)
  - Language, Linguistics, Communication  and Research programs

Dorian Rodriguez, Project Coordinator for UVa-Guatemala Initiative will discuss his work with the initiative in Guatemala.