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Center for Global Health International Collaborations

The Center for Global Health builds on a strong history of sustained international engagement to foster research, build institutional and human capacity and support opportunities for students, fellows and faculty. Founded in 2001 by Dr. Richard L. Guerrant as one of the first trans-university Centers for Global Health, it is one of the country's longest sustained international programs promoting international collaborative research. In 2012, Dr. Rebecca A. Dillingham became director of the center, focusing on collaborating with faculty leaders to support additional, dynamic, research collaborations with a strong student learning component.

The Center for Global Health provides guidance and funding annually for 50+ UVa students to conduct short and long-term multidisciplinary research and service-learning projects that address global health issues. CGH additionally promotes the engagement of UVa faculty and international mentors in the development of these projects, which draw students from the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Law, Commerce, Engineering, Architecture and Arts & Sciences. Students travel to Latin America, Africa, and Asia, building new relationships and helping to strengthen and diversify UVa's long-standing research exchanges with international partners. This support of emerging leaders in the US and abroad contributes to developing a critical mass of committed professionals in diverse, crucial disciplines working to improve the health of people globally.

Primary collaborations include the UVa-Guatemala Initiative, the Global Surgery Initiative in Rwanda, the UVa Research Collaboration in Mbarara, Uganda and the Water and Health in Limpopo Research Project.

The Road in Mapate, South Africa; Photo: Melissa Mallory, CGH Scholar