Project Details

Students will be working on an ongoing community-based randomized controlled trial in a local community. The study is designed to test the effectiveness of two point-of-use water treatment technologies (the MadiDrop, a silver ceramic tablet added to a water storage container, and the PureMadi ceramic water filter) to improve clean drinking water access, reduce enteropathogen burden, and improve child growth among children in Limpopo, South Africa. More broadly, this trial ‘aims to determine whether improved access to clean drinking water can reduce the risk of stunting and improve child health in low-resource settings.

Results from this trial will provide the necessary evidence to support scaling-up of the manufacture and distribution of the ceramic disks and filters, which could provide a reliable point-of-use water treatment in rural areas.  


Project History

This study builds on two prior studies of the MadiDrop which demonstrated its technological effectiveness in rural households and primary schools in South Africa and Tanzania.


Limpopo Province, South Africa