Meet Flannery Enneking-Norton, SON

2020 CGH Research in Virtual Environments Scholar
Meet Flannery Enneking-Norton, SON

“This project has honed my collaboration and communication skills significantly. I work closely with Cat Elmore, a doctoral student at UVA, and we are continually bouncing ideas off each other to problem solve the various challenges that arise from this novel undertaking,” said Enneking-Norton.

When she began this project, she was not sure of research “gap” that she was trying to fill: how to build research capacity for clinicians and teams in low-and-middle income countries by increasing their access to informational resources.

After working on the project for a month, and reviewing countless articles, videos, and websites, she realizes how valuable it is to consolidate the resources and share it with clinicians globally, through our centralized Virtual Library.

“Previously, when I thought of barriers to research, I thought about grant funding, or methodological design flaws that compromise internal validity. From a place of privileged ignorance, I had not considered that a lack of educational and informational sources, geared toward resource-limited contexts, undermined and deterred research efforts in LMICs,” she said adding that this project has helped her to realize that conceptualization of science, and scientific research, is limited and not universal.

“I want to be a more considerate and conscientious researcher and advocate, and this project is helping me achieve it.”