Meet Jacqueline Pujol

2019 Sister Bridgit Haase Center for Global Health Scholar
MEDLIFE event in Peru, 2019

Marginalization has contributed to a strong sense of community and collective action in these communities and has fostered a spirit of resiliency. In the short time that I was there, I witnessed the resiliency and collective action of one of the communities. At the culmination of a stairway project led by the MedLife, the NGO we worked with, I found out that the majority of individuals who assisted in building the stairway were the mothers of the community. It was truly touching and inspiring. The community leaders, who introduced themselves that day and spoke, evoked a deep sense of humility, dignity and tenacity. I was moved by one of the comments of a leader who mentioned that while most consider her community poor, she considers herself and, by extension, her community anything but that. She stated that because they are rich in energy, motivation and the mental and physical capacity to continue improving their community, that they are not poor.