Meet Sylvia Kauffman

2017 CGH Scholar in Medicine, UVA School of Medicine Class of 2018
Photo Credit: Sylvia Kauffman, 2017 CGH Scholar in Medicine, Guatemala

"I went to Guatemala to re-immerse myself in Spanish, better understand how the Guatemalan health care system works, and to learn a little bit about Guatemala and Central America. What I gained was a deep appreciation for the complexity of Guatemalan culture and history, a glimpse of a very different system of medical education, a collection of new friends, and a refreshing perspective on how to improve the quality of life for those around me."

"I feel that, by experiencing a small part of the Guatemalan health care system, at least from a provider perspective, I will be better equipped to take care of the many patients who come to UVA and hospitals across the US from central and south American countries. Knowing how patients interact with physicians, how physicians provide explanations to patients, and how patients have navigated health care systems in their own countries will help me provide better care on a personal, clinical, and public-health level."