Meet Sonja Kapadia

A good friend of mine lauded hiking as a sport because it uses all of the muscles in the body. My 6-week stay in Rwanda was similar because it required the application of all the skills I have worked on throughout my education: linguistic, interpersonal, academic, problem-solving, and organizational. I grew in more ways than I can articulate and am incredibly grateful for the experience.

Meet Jacqueline Pujol

My research experience working with the migrant populations in Lima, Peru was emotional, gratifying and insightful. I came in with many presumptions of the study population only to realize that most were incorrect. I had taken for granted several basic necessities that we as a developed country have, but in Peru are considered a luxury, including clean and affordable water, ambulatory care, and emergency response services.  

Catastrophe and Kites: A discussion with Tim Cunningham, DrPH, RN

Tim Cunningham, DrPH, RN will facilitate discussion about the “acute on chronic” crisis facing the Rohingya population.  Considered stateless for decades, Rohingyas living in Burma (now called Myanmar) have faced, since August 2017, genocide.  Mass rape, torture and arson by militants in the Burmese military and extremist groups have instigated the forced migration of more than 600,000 Rohingya into southern Bangladesh.  Cunningham worked as a nurse and field coordinator for an emergency and primary care clinic for three weeks spanning Dec 2017-Jan 2018.  He will share his reflections on th


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