GHLT: Applying to the Program


The GHLT is open to all interested Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Radiology residents. We welcome residents with a wide range of interests.
  • Family Medicine accepts up to 3 residents per year.
  • Internal Medicine accepts 2-3 residents per year.
  • Pediatrics accepts up to 2 residents per year.
  • Application is due February 14 of intern year.
  • Submit your application to the contact person for your department


After completing the online application, you'll receive a pdf copy of your application, please forward it to both the residency program director and GHLT director. The residency program director will need to contact GHLT Program Director, Dr. Julia den Hartog to confirm support for each resident's application. Program directors and the names of the GHLT directors are listed below:
Residency Program Directors:
Anesthesia:  Julie Huffmyer
Emergency Medicine:   William Woods
Family Medicine:  John Gazewood
General Surgery:  Bruce Shirmer
Internal Medicine:  Gerald Donowitz
Pediatrics:  Linda Waggoner-Fountain
Psychiatry: Zachariah Dameron
Radiology: Saher Sabri
Global Health Leadership Directors:
Anesthesia:  Marcel Durieux
Emergency Medicine:   Nathan Charlton
Family Medicine:  Fern Hauck
General Surgery:  Rudolph Rustin
Internal Medicine:  Julia den Hartog
Pediatrics:  Amy Brown
Psychiatry: R. Larry Merkel
Radiology: Jennifer Pierce