Center for Global Health Annual Research Symposium

February 28, 2016 10:30 am
Global Health symposium
The Center for Global Health's annual symposium is the largest event supported by the Center. It is held each fall and is designed to bring together students and faculty from all disciplines who are seeking innovative approaches to global health. Each year we feature a nationally recognized keynote speaker with a unique perspective on global health. This event is the Center's best opportunity to celebrate student accomplishments, experience, and learning as well as to advance opportunities for student-faculty collaboration in research.
Previous Symposia:
2018: Global Health and Community Accompaniment
Keynote Speaker: Sonya Shin, MD, MPH, Associate Physician in the Division of Global Health Equity, an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, and Consulting Physician at Gallup Indian Medical Center

2017: Addressing the STEM Gender Disparities in Africa: A Global Health Perspective
Keynote Speaker: Kwadwo Sarpong, Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of African Research Academies for Women 

2016: Global Research, Entrepreneurship and Service
Keynote Speaker: Tyler Spencer, Founder and President, Grassroot Project
2015: Women and Water: Improving Community Health with Business Opportunities 
Keynote Speaker: Kate Clopeck, Co-Founder and Executive Director, SAHA Global
2014: CGH Scholars emerging as Global Health Leaders
Keynote Speakers: CGH Scholars representing the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, the School of Medicine and the School of Nursing
2013: Improving Women's Access to Justice
Keynote Speaker: Kate Flatley, UVa Law School Graduate (2008) and Center for Global Health Scholar Alum, Founder and Executive Director of the Women’s Justice Initiative (WJI) in Patzun, Guatemala. 
2012: Global Health in the Americas: Technology Applications to Diminish Health Disparities 
Alberto Saenz, MD, Hospital Nacional de Ninos, San Jose, Costa Rica
Vanessa Rouzier, MD, The GHESKIO Centers, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Karen Rheuban, MD, University of Virginia, USA
Anastacio de Queiroz Sousa, MD, PhD, Universidade Federal do Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil
2011: Global Health: Transferring Technology to Those in Greatest Need
Maria Freire, PhD, President, Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation
2010:US and South African University Collaborations: The Univen-UVa Experience
Peter Mbati, PhD, Vice Chancellor of the University of Venda (Univen)
2009: Challenges and Opportunities in Global Health: Universities at the Forefront
Keynote: Thomas Quinn, MD, Director, Center for Global Health, Johns Hopkins University
2008: Global Health in the 21st Century:Where Do We Go From Here?
Keynote: Roger I. Glass, MD, PhD, Director, Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health
2007: Global Health in a Globalized World
Keynote: Michele Barry, MD, FACP, is a Professor of Medicine and Public Health at Yale University School of Medicine. She is the Director of the Office of International Health and the health consultant for the Ford Foundation's overseas programs.
2006: Celebrating Global Health: Pathways to the Future
Keynote: Nils Daulaire, MD, MPH, President, CEO, Global Health Council