2017 CGH Global Health Photography Contest Deadline

International experience and particularly, experience centered around global health, is evocative and transformative. The Center for Global Health invites students and faculty to share their photographs and stories which represent the rich possibilities of engagement: global health collaboration, innovations and solutions. CGH will support the 2017 Global Health Photography Contest with a reception on Wednesday, October 25th during Global Week at UVA.


Community Mobilization in Response to Substance Use Related Epidemics Conference

This two day conference highlighted how communities can develop community-based, culturally-competent care to address the issues of substance use and related epidemics such as HIV, Hepatitis C, and neonatal abstinence syndrome. The conference emphasized the impact of law, health policy, politics, and stigma on the social determinants of the opioid epidemic and its outcomes, especially as they relate to vulnerable populations.

Meet Meghan Jones

“Innovation and technology are two crucial reasons why the world looks to us for support. Creative thinking is what we have to offer, and as students it is our responsibility to give back the knowledge which has been passed down to us. With the Tuff Armenia Project, we have an opportunity to combine both what we have learned in the classroom here at UVA and what we have experienced through our time in Armenia. When in Armenia last summer, as a team, we realized the difficult nature of the project which we would tackle. In addition we acknowledged that as a group of 5 students we would need support from the Mentors, Professors and Student Body here at UVA in order to achieve our ambitious task. When hearing we received the Center for Global Health Award, the team and I were overjoyed because not only did we receive the resources in which to invest in our research but we also received the network of support which we know will be the crucial factor in determining the success of the Tuff Armenia Project.”


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