UVA World AIDS Week: Living and Loving with HIV

Join us for a panel as a part of UVA World AIDS Week! Our panelists are:
- Marie-Louise Hammarskjold: MD, PHD. Working with HIV: A 30 Year Perspective. Dr. Hammarskjold will be talking about how far we have come since then in understanding and treating HIV.
- Cathy Campbell: PHD, APRN, AMP-BC. Dr. Campbell will discuss palliative care learning needs of community health workers in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.

Student Global AIDS Campaign Conference

The 2016 SGAC conference is an opportunity to build skills, and bond with incredible activists from across the country. The conference is your opportunity to learn about current challenges to HIV treatment access, build your activist skills, and bond with fellow student activists. You will work together to create a strategy to expand access to treatment, and support those living with HIV as well as ensure more robust health systems worldwide.


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