Futures in Health

The Center for Global Health (CGH) at UVA is hosting a walk-in mentoring series, Futures in Health. On April 10, join us for a graduate program session, where people with various academic backgrounds will be present to discuss how they made health a focus in their studies. This session will feature students/professionals with graduate study in medicine, nursing, ethics, public health, and public policy.

Rainforests Regulated Rainy Season Onset and Drought Variability

Although the influence of rainfall on terrestrial ecosystem has been well established, the influence of ecosystems on rainfall is still debated. Conventional wisdom attributes the onset of rainy season and drought mainly to physical climate variability, while acknowledges that ecosystems can play a secondary role in amplifying or mitigating droughts. However, such a wisdom cannot adequately explain rainy onset, its variability and extreme droughts, especially for the recent decades.


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