Rendani Netshikweta

Global Infectious Disease Research Training Fellow | 2015
R. Netshikweta completed his MSc in Applied Mathemathics from the University of Venda. His GIRDT research training was conducted in the Department of System and Information Engineering with collaborative mentorships from UVA faculty (Prof. G.P. Learmoth) and Univen School (Prof. W. Garira) mentors. His research focus was to understand better the complexities of diarrheal infection and health in rural sitting of Venda in Limpopo Province, South Africa, using mathematical modeling framework. Upon re-entry to Univen, he is completing a PhD in Applied Mathematics and my research focus on modeling the complexities of diarrheal etiology, transmission dynamics and interventions in South Africa. The GIDTR fellowship was pivotal in gaining insight into how to develop and simulate an agent-based modeling technique for understanding patterns or behaviors in a complex system that can be observed at the larger scales (global-level) generated by interactions and behaviors of interconnected organizations within the system at the smaller scales (micro-level).