WHIL Innovations Postdoctoral Fellowship

WHIL Fellows and Univen Faculty 2016The Water and Health in Limpopo Innovations Postdoctoral Fellowship Program supports cross-disciplinary training in global health innovation focused on the closely related issues of poor access to water and sanitation in rural areas of Southern Africa and unacceptably high rates of morbidity and mortality associated with early childhood diarrhea.

The nearly decade old collaboration between host institutions, the University of Virginia (UVa) and the University of Venda, South Africa (Univen) is supported by a multi-disciplinary group of faculty with particular expertise in enteric disease, rural water purification strategies, rural nursing, community planning, agentbased modeling, child development, cross-cultural ethnography, and South African law related to water and human rights. The faculty mentors have developed and strengthened protocols and strategies for trans-disciplinary coordination, scholarship, and training.

The WHIL Innovations mentored global health research and education training sustains a network of emerging global health leaders in critical fields. Fellows in Hydrology, Architecture and Urban Planning, Chemistry, Medical Anthropology, Psychology, Nursing and Medical Immunology, and Microbiology have developed skills necessary to engage in innovative global health research collaborations including specific tailored training in community engagement, rural water management, measurement of impacts of ECD, simulation modeling in global health, trans-disciplinary collaboration, global health research ethics, project management, and laboratory management. Each fellow is responsible for developing a portfolio of research and training outputs that will serve as a framework for future efforts and as a resource for future fellows and other trainees.