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Richard Guerrant receives the 2014 Maxwell Finland Award for Scientific Achievement

“Richard Guerrant MD is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in enteric infections... studying the long-term physical and cognitive effects associated with diarrhea burdens in early childhood."  - Citation by President Jimmy Carter. Dr. Guerrant pictured with ID Division Chief, Dr. William Petri.




Multiple Outcomes in WHIL Innovations

Angelina Maphula, Clinical Psychologist and Rebecca Scharf, Pediatrician with CGH collaborate on child development research at UVa. The interdisciplinary Water and Health in Limpopo Innovations post-doctoral fellowship supports dynamic collaborations among microbiologists, pediatricians, psychologists and medical anthropologists. Applications for the fellowship will be accepted through the end of August.

2014 Center for Global Health Scholars

Welcome back to the University of Virginia Center for Global Health Scholars. Read about their work on their blog!

Our Mission

The University of Virginia's Center for Global Health promotes health in resource-limited settings by fostering the commitment of students, faculty and partners from many disciplines to address the diseases of poverty.


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Promising New Antibiotic Defies Conventional Wisdom on Treating Superbug

A new antibiotic being developed at the University of Virginia School of Medicine to combat the dangerous C. difficile superbug also appears effective against a wide array of other pathogens, including the Helicobacter pylori bacterium, a new study suggests. With antibiotic resistance a growing concern – and an alarming shortage of new antibiotics in development – the drug is notable because it works in a way that prevents microbes from becoming resistant to it.

UVa study details gap in mental health care

UVa Professor of Economics, Steven Stern's paper in Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology provides estimates that 9,634 to 38,022 people in the region annually fall beyond the reach of the mental health care services. At best, half of Central Virginians who need public mental health care might not get it, according to the study; at worst, nearly nine in 10 might not get care

Increasing Women in Leadership in Global Health

Globally, women experience a disproportionate burden of disease and death due to inequities in access to basic health care, nutrition, and education. In the face of this disparity, it is striking that leadership in the field of global health is highly skewed towards men and that global health organizations neglect the issue of gender equality in their own leadership. Randomized trials demonstrate that women in leadership positions in governmental organizations implement different policies than men and that these policies are more supportive of women and children.