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Hannah Graham Memorial Award

Applications are due 9 October 2015 for the inaugural Hannah Graham Memorial Award. This research award will support students who share Graham’s passions for global health, French culture and service to others. See for more information including the timeline, award requirements, and application.

Our Mission

The University of Virginia's Center for Global Health promotes health in resource-limited settings by fostering the commitment of students, faculty and partners from many disciplines to address the diseases of poverty.


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News & Announcements

The Clinton Global Initiative Meeting: The Future of "Impact"

Updates from the 2015 Clinton Global Initiative Meeting... see the full DEVEX article...CGI’s 10th year saw discussions of critical issues facing the development sector as it projects forward to 2030, the year by which world leaders have agreed extreme poverty must be made history. President Clinton urged attendees to focus on “trend lines,” instead of on “headlines.”  The overall trajectory for poverty alleviation, Clinton sought to remind CGI’s assembly of the rich, famous and influential, is good.

A new kind of development professional: The development engineer

At Berkeley, engineers and computer scientists are in the same rooms as economists and political scientists, working together to test, implement and scale technologies in a way that can reframe global development as we know it. As momentum grows behind development engineering as an interdisciplinary field in academia, Devex spoke with some of the students, faculty, and alumni who are shaping this story.

Global Health Career Webinars

Unite for Sight has put out webinar recordings on How to Best Prepare for a Career in Global HealthCareers in Global Health and Social Entrepreneurship, and Careers in Global Health: Advice From The Experts. Check them out for great advice on getting in the field.