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Global Health Week 2014

Global Health Week is sponsored by the Center for Global Health and developed by the Center for Global Health Student Advisory Board, an interdisciplinary group of students whose mission is to advance the next generation of global health leaders and to promote awareness of global health issues at the University of Virginia. Global Health Week is designed to prompt action on health issues locally and globally through service, research, and advocacy.

2014 Center for Global Health Scholars

Welcome back to the University of Virginia Center for Global Health Scholars! The CGH Scholars program supports diverse, interdisciplinary work and is open to all Schools across grounds. Read about the 2014 Scholars on their blog! (Photo: CGH Scholars in Limpopo, South Africa)

Our Mission

The University of Virginia's Center for Global Health promotes health in resource-limited settings by fostering the commitment of students, faculty and partners from many disciplines to address the diseases of poverty.


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News & Announcements

New York Times Op-Ed Contributor: Why Do Doctors Commit Suicide?

The Opinion Pages| Op-Ed Contributor Why Do Doctors Commit Suicide? By Pranay Sinha published on September 4, 2014. Dr. Sinha was a leader of the Center for Global Health Student Advisory Board and the inagural Ram Family/CGH Scholar. He graduated from the University of Virginia Medical School in May 2014.

Better Care: We All Have an Interest in Empowered Nurses

Better Care: We All Have an Interest in Empowered Nurses --- Richmond Times-Dispatch Opinion by Dorrie K. Fontaine, dean of the School of Nursing, and Kenneth R. White, the school’s associate dean for strategic partnerships and innovation. Physically and emotionally strong nurses provide stellar care, and resilience in nursing and health care yields dividends by decreasing turnover, cultivating engagement and even boosting empathy and compassionate care. When nurses feel cared for, their own care improves.

The Clinton Global Initiative University Interest Meeting

Join us Wednesday 10 September at the Center for Global Health as we host the Clinton Global Initiative Univeristy interest meeting. If you are interested in Poverty Alleviation, Environment and Climate Change, Peace and Human Rights, Global Public Health, do not miss this opportunity to learn how to participate in the 2015 CGIU. Meet Professor Garrick Louis, SEAS, the UVA liaison to CGIU at the Center for Global Health 5-7PM.