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2015 CGH Scholars Blog!

Check it out - the 2015 CGH Scholars are out in the world - building partnerships and friendships, conducting research and learning so much! See all the blog posts.

Hannah Graham Memorial Award

The Hannah Graham Memorial Award will be given to students who share Graham’s passions for global health, French culture and service to others. Recipients will commit to engaging in two semesters of related coursework at U.Va. and in field work of at least eight weeks in a French-speaking developing country, such as Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco or Haiti.

The 2015 CGH University Scholars

The 2015 Center for Global Health University Scholars program is represented by outstanding, diverse students conducting research projects in collaboration with UVA faculty mentors, local institutions, and in-country mentors at multiple international sites, including both our Global Partner sites and independent sites. 

Our Mission

The University of Virginia's Center for Global Health promotes health in resource-limited settings by fostering the commitment of students, faculty and partners from many disciplines to address the diseases of poverty.


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News & Announcements

MHIRT Global Health Research Reception

The inaugural MHIRT Global Health Research Reception will be held July 30, 2015 at 1:30pm at OpenGrounds. Join us to hear about the scholars' research projects and travel experiences!


SAB Member Awarded Doris Duke Foundation Fellowship

UVA School of Medicine student and CGH Student Advisory Board Member, Helena Frischtak, was one of three recipeints of the Doris Duke Foundation Fellowship. The 8-9 month fellowship provides international clinical research experiences in global health. Helena will be researching human surveillance and determinants of Leishmania infection in Lima, Peru. Congrtulations Helena!

Saint Kitts and Nevis Press Conference Held to Discuss MHIRT Research Project

On Monday, June 15, 2015, a press conference was held in Nevis with members from the Saint Kitts and Nevis Ministry of Health, Dr. Jeanita Richardson, Associate Professor at UVa, and MHIRT scholars and faculty. Local faculty partners, Dr. Merissa O'Connor from Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College and Ms. Gail Mills from Nevis Sixth Form College participated in the conference which discussed the Type 2 Diabetes surveillance project that is underway.