• 2019 Hannah Graham Memorial Award

    2019 Hannah Graham Memorial Award

    This year’s Hannah Graham Memorial Award recipients are, left to right, Brooke Adams, Sonja Kapadia, Marc Vetter and Kathryn Partlow. Scholars will be involved in research to advance women’s health in Rwanda.


    (Photos by Dan Addison, University Communications).

  • Global health case writing


    The Global Health Case Competition (GHCC) at UVA is an established model for promoting student engagement, collaborative learning, and innovative problem-solving around critical global health issues.  Led by faculty in the School of Medicine, this course offers an in-depth opportunity to engage in rigorous case-based learning including development of the case, responsible research, collaborative strategy, and effective, persuasive presentations is fundamental to expanding critical skills.

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This experience has instilled in me an appreciation for the paramount importance of personal relationships to successful grassroots public health work. Simple, informal conversations undertaken in a spirit of friendliness and open exchange often yielded some of our most valuable and rewarding insights. The sevikas, or community health workers, were our models; their inexhaustible commitment to the health and well-being of their families, friends and neighbors was unrivaled. – Patrick Robinson