• 2019 CGH Scholar Award

    2019 Center for Global Health Scholar Award

    The CGH University Scholar Awards provide a platform for UVA students to conduct mentored, interdisciplinary research projects which leverage their interests, concerns, and ideas into inquiry, service and transformative experiences.

    Application available here:

  • 2019 GHCC

    CGH Global Health Case Competition

    The GHCC goal is to provide a realistically complex case that challenges student teams to:

    The competition promotes understanding the structural and social determinants of health, incorporates faculty mentorship, and focuses on under-served settings. It provides an avenue for students to design real interventions that they may go on to pursue as full-scale research projects. Register here!


  • Univen and UVA Scholars

    The CGH Scholar Blog: CGH Scholars in the Field

    The 2019 CGH Scholar Award Deadline is January 18, 2019. 


    The application is available here. Read about the experiences of scholar alumni here.


    We welcome questions, requests for advising and proposal review.

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SEWA 2018
UVA-SEWA Partnership

This experience has instilled in me an appreciation for the paramount importance of personal relationships to successful grassroots public health work. Simple, informal conversations undertaken in a spirit of friendliness and open exchange often yielded some of our most valuable and rewarding insights. The sevikas, or community health workers, were our models; their inexhaustible commitment to the health and well-being of their families, friends and neighbors was unrivaled. – Patrick Robinson