South Africa

The partnerships in South Africa have evolved into one of the most inclusive, diverse, and interdisciplinary collaborations on Grounds. 


Community Health in Limpopo (CHIL)

The Motivational Interviewing (MI) project to train Community Health Workers (CHWs) was developed at the request of the health district in Limpopo Province.

The Community Health in Limpopo (CHIL) projects are community health-focused research conducted in Limpopo Province, South Africa.

Professional nurses discussing palliative care practices

The Palliative Care Project has grown from CHIL in an effort to understand palliative care interventions used by Community Health Workers.

This CHIL project will address a critical issue affecting the health of university students in South Africa: alcohol-related sexual risk.

Global Infectious Disease Research Training (GIDRT)

South Africa carries a higher burden of HIV infection than any other country in the world and embodies a rich collection of ethnic backgrounds.  This study engages with that genetic diversity by stuying host cells and HIV-1 genes in a South African population.

This study examines patient and nurse perspectives about loss to follow-up in HIV care to aid in developing intervention strategies. The study can be most beneficial with HIV education, skills building, and outreach programme strategies, this will in turn increase  knowledge needed to better attract and retain HIV-positive patients in care within respective clinics in all the sub-districts.

This GIDRT project aims to understand the role of diet, pathogen, and microbiome in children with diarrheal diseases. 

The study aims to investigate the influence of traditional healing practices on treatment adherence in Limpopo Province South Africa. The joint project focuses on the socio-economic status of traditional healers and their patients. Work is also being done on a joint research project with Univen/UVA on Social Welfare and Traditional healers.


Students engage in a community-based randomized control trial to evaluate the effectiveness of two different point-of-use water treatment technologies.

PureMadi is an interdisciplinary collaboration of students and faculty at the University of Virginia partnering with the University of Venda, Rotary International, and developing-world communities in Limpopo Province, South Africa, to provide sustainable solutions to global water problems.

Water and Health in Limpopo (WHIL)

Folia Water has produced the world's first consumer goods water filter.  The company's vision is to reach the 1.8 billion people that only have access to microbiologically contaminated water and the 2 billion who overspend in time, energy, and money to obtain safe drinking water.

The Water and Health in Limpopo (WHIL) project started in 2009 when the first team of University of Virginia and University of Venda students conducted community assessments including a complete census, water quality testing, and GIS mapping of water sources, sanitation facilities, and households. This research in combination with community trust has been the foundation of WHIL.


The University of Venda is located in Thohoyandou, Limpopo Province, South Africa. Limpopo is the northernmost province in South Africa and is roughly the size of Pennsylvania.