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Center for Global Health Equity Priority Partnerships

Global partnerships exist to create a network of shared research capacity, collaboration and opportunities for discovery. 

Research partnerships are specific to and reflective of each region and institution, responsive to community needs and regional research priorities. Faculty leaders and partners determine the research and learning opportunities available at each site. Support from the Center for Global Health translates directly to the development of emerging researchers, professionals, and students who approach health with the global perspective required. 



Our Partners

Kids in Rwanda around water pump

Collaborations in Rwanda strive to develop education, research, and relationships across disciplines and borders through medical training and independent student research projects.

UVa and Univen Scholars in Limpopo, South Africa

Collaborative research in South Africa builds on the efforts led by faculty at UVa and Univen in Medicine, Nursing, and Engineering, which build institutional and human capital while creating research and service opportunities for students. 

MUST students working in the lab

The research and training collaboration in Uganda provides diverse opportunities in a wide variety of disciplines from medical residents to undergraduate research trainees.

In Brazil, collaborations between the University of Ceara and the University of Virginia foster an environment for scientists to train and research topics relevant to low resource areas.

Projects in St. Kitts & Nevis rely on a community-based participatory partnership that focuses on identifying the prevalence, distribution, and population of different chronic diseases.


Tanzania has a wide range or partnerships, having grown out of pre-existing collaborations and new initiatives that are the result of dedicated faculty seeking to collaborate with health institutions and the local communities they serve to address urgent health needs. 

Through the connection with UVA College at Wise, our partnerships located in Southwest Virginia continue to expand and flourish with involvement from a wide range of cross-disciplinary students and faculty.