Kristiane Crane Graham Center for Global Health University Scholar Award

The Graham family endowed the Kristiane Crane Graham Center for Global Health Equity University Scholars Award to support CGHE awards for exceptional global health projects.

In 2018,  CLAS students, Megan Dombrowski and Charlotte Brake, conducted, “ Towards Understanding Alcohol Risk, Sexual Risk, and Intimate Partner Violence Among University Students in Limpopo, South Africa, mentored by Professor Karen Ingersoll, at the University of Venda


This project investigates alcohol-related sexual risk among University of Venda students in Limpopo, South Africa. Qualitative interviews will provide the research team with information that will be used to create a larger scale survey methodology that could be applied to the province more broadly— beyond the university setting. The data will generate new information on the epidemiology of alcohol risks, sexual risks, and their overlaps among an understudied population of South Africans.

In 2016, for the inagural KCG Award, a team of nursing graduate students in the Clinical Nurse Leader program are the first recipients of the Kristiane Crane Graham Center for Global Health Equity University Scholar Award. Their project,  “Palliative Care Interventions Used by Community Health Workers and Professional Nurses in Limpopo Province South Africa," mentored by School of Nursing faculty, Cathy Campbell, benefits from Dr. Campbell's extensive research and experience as a practitioner in palliative care.  Mary Kay O'Brien, Lillian-Marie Ware and Jennifer Stueve were the awardees.