Sister Bridget Haase / Center for Global Health University Scholar Award

Glenn and Susan Brace and James and Catherine MacPhaille endowed this award to honor their teacher and friend, Sister Bridget Haase, whose dedication, service and mentorship extended through connections and over time to multiple individuals and communities.

The scholars of 2020 face an unprecedented challenge as well as novel opportunities. As the 2020 CGH University Scholar cohort was prevented from traveling due to the pandemic, the Center for Global Health partnered with Schools across Grounds as well as organizations at UVA like the Global Infectious Disease Institute (GIDI) to create faculty-mentored student research opportunities within the context of COVID-19 research and other innovative remote research opportunities. 

The 2020 Virtual Environments scholars supported by the Sister Bridget Haase / CGH Scholar Award are Brianna Cattelino, (Post Bac/Pre-Med) and Lena Bichell, SOM; mentored by David Leblang, Batten, Ellen Bassett, Arch, and Amanda Nguyen, Curry School of Education. Prior year scholars here.

 2017 CGH Scholar, Sam Case, Dominican Republic