Sister Bridget Haase / Center for Global Health University Scholar Award

Glenn and Susan Brace and James and Catherine MacPhaille endowed this award to honor their teacher and friend, Sister Bridget Haase, whose dedication, service and mentorship extended through connections and over time to multiple individuals and communities.
The Sister Bridget Haase CGH Scholar Award supported three outstanding scholars in 2017. Emerson  Aviles (MPH), Samuel Case (CLAS), and Gloribel Bonilla (MPH) conducted a  project on Type 2 Diabetes at the Universidad  Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in the Dominican  Republic. Their work, mentored by two new UVA faculty mentors, will facilitate additional opportunities in rural and urban communities in the region.
 2017 CGH Scholar, Sam Case, Dominican Republic
In 2016, Yolande Bertille Pokam Tchuisseu, Mariana Forero, and Hala Al Kallas, all in the College of Arts and Sciences, were awarded the Sister Bridget Haase Center for Global Health University Scholar Award. Their project, "Determining the Cultural Acceptability and Feasibility of Self-Screening for Cervical Cancer in Bluefields, Nicaragua.” draws on the work of UVa faculty mentor, Emma Mitchell, in the School of Nursing.
Cervical cancer is considered one of the most preventable, curable forms of cancer; it is also the most common cancer for women in Latin America and the Caribbean and a leading cause of death.
Multiple screening methods exist, but are limited in accessibility. An NGO called PATH piloted the self-collection for HPV DNA testing, which is an innovative and potentially cost-effective method of cervical cancer screening with accuracy comparable to gold-standard methods. This project evaluates requisite preliminary questions of cultural acceptability and feasibility based on regionally available resources.