2024 Global Partnership Essentials

CGHE 2020: Faculty, Fellows, and Researchers

Interested in gaining theoretical and practical background in Global Health?


The aim of Global Partnership Essentials is to prepare students for effective and culturally appropriate engagement in Global Health activities by providing them with a background in Global Health theory, key issues, and culturally appropriate practice. 

Participants could join for anywhere from a single activity to regular attendance. Students will receive one point for each activity. Students who collect 10 and more points will be awarded a Global Partnership Essentials Certificate from the UVA Center for Global Health Equity (CGHE). Activities include: 

  • Global Health Curriculum (monthly)We meet monthly at 5 PM at the Center for Global Health Equity/Corner Building (map attached) and discuss 1-2 landmark articles and case studies focused on Global Health, using the Partners in Health Engage Curriculum as a base, and supplement it with other relevant articles, including those by our global partners and UVA trainees/faculty. We hope to regularly invite guests from different specialties and institutions, as well as our international partners from Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and other locations.
  • Case-based travel preparation (bi-monthly): Our pre-travel preparation is based on the Sugar Pack simulation curriculum. These sessions will address common challenges, both practical and emotional, faced when working in resource-limited settings.
  • Lectures: Talks by invited speakers on relevant Global Health topics, with an emphasis on "on the ground" experiences
  • Other activities: We hope to promote collaboration and discussion with our international partners through various workshops and activities, as well as bring together people with similar interests in Global Health.  


The course is facilitated by Dr. Marcel Durieux, an Emeritus Professor of Anesthesia with extensive Global Health experience in Rwanda and other countries, and Dr. Eva Otoupalova, a Post-Doctoral Fellow and Pulmonary-Critical Care Physician with interest in Tuberculosis and Global Health. The course is supported by the UVA Center for Global Health Equity.

Schedule         Please click to see past 2023 GPE events

Meetings in person are strongly encouraged, but a Zoom option for GH Curriculum (not for Sugar Pack) will be available. Food will be provided, including vegetarian options. Please email Eva, Marcel or April about any dietary restrictions and allergies!


Horizontal and Vertical: Challenges in Approaches to Global Health
April 3rd, 5 PM, CGHE

Sugar Pack – Pack for Wellness
April 17th, 5 PM, CGHE


Equitable Global Health Training
May 1st, 5 PM, CGHE


Global Health Financing: The Need for Advocacy
June 5th, 5 PM, CGHE

Closing meeting / Ceremony