Elizabeth Etta Mashu

Global Infectious Disease Research Training Fellow | 2016

Elizabeth Etta Mashu is a doctoral candidate in Virology at the University of Venda. In the GIDRT program, she is mentored by Prof Marie-Louise Hammarskjold and Prof David Rekosh in the Myles Thaler Center at UVa, focusing on Model designing (HTLV-1) and characterization of HTLV-1 from an HIV cohort. as well as Kaposi sarcoma herpesvirus (KSHV), specifically  a model (luciferase assay) for KSHV restriction to APOBEC3 proteins

Upon return to Univen, she intends to implement the modeling technique acquired for HTLV-1; to design one for KSHV, complete bench work for my PhD project, and share her scientific experience and techniques developed during the GIDRT fellowship.