GIDRT Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

GIDRT Group Photo

What is GIDRT?

The GIDRT fellowship focuses on emerging infectious diseases while providing pre-doctoral students training in research methods, grant writing, publication strategies, research ethics, and responsible conduct of research. During the fellowship, fellows have the opportunity to build their network and to collaborate with MHIRT students and previous WHIL post-doctoral fellows.

The GIDRT fellowship period, typically 6 or 12 months, will provide mentored training that will further increase the expertise of scientists in the broad, multifaceted field of infectious diseases. This advanced training has the advantage of involving scientists who already have a basic background in research and will easily integrate advances in the field of clinical trials or genetics. Furthermore, the advanced training is designed for trainees who have positions at UNIVEN, thereby contributing to home country appointments.


1. To develop research training opportunities and career development activities for fellows.

2. To provide a mentored, infectious disease research experience that is directly relevant to local health priorities.

3. To strengthen the capabilities of trainees to lead, manage, and train others in infectious disease research.

4. We encourage our trainees to make measurable contributions to infectious disease research capacity outcomes.