• 2017 CGH Scholar, Elizabeth Watkins (Curry, 2018) with Potters associated with Hammanskraal Factory in South Africa.  The potters collective produces pot-shaped ceramic filters, manufactured with mostly local labor and materials,  remove turbidity and pathogenic organisms in household drinking water.

    2018 Center for Global Health University Scholars

    The 2018 Center for Global Health University Scholars include 57 outstanding students pursuing interdisciplinary research projects, which leverage their interests, concerns, and ideas into inquiry, service and transformative experiences in a global context.


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Photo Credit: 2015, CGH Scholar, Ethan Jones, St. Kitts & Nevis
Children, Asthma, and Emergency Rooms: A retrospective review of hospital records in St. Kitts and Nevis

Being granted the opportunity to work collaboratively with our Ministry of Health partners, I was given the chance to apply the concepts of my Masters of Public Health graduate program to real, substantive research.