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Center For Global Health Fellows

CGH supported fellowships are a core component of developing future leaders in global health. Current fellows include Water and Health in Limpopo (WHIL) Innovations postdoctoral fellows and Global Infectious Disease Research Training (GIDRT) predoctoral fellows associated with the UVa-Univen collaboration in South Africa. In the 30+ year history of the Center, over 100 fellows have received training and have all returned to research, academic and other leadership positions in their home countries.


Briggite Mahlatse Modipane

GIDRT Pre-Doc Fellow

University of Venda

Briggite obtained her MA from the University of Venda in 2013, after completing research on the sexual practices of those living with HIV on antiretroviral treatment. She is currently a fellow at the Foundation for Professional Development and has presented her research at the Public Health Conference in Bangkok. As a fellow, she will be receiving training and conducting research on the therapies and practices for HIV infected persons. Her research will contribute to a collaboration between UVA and UNIVEN in research on health priorities of northeast South Africa.

Rendani Netshikweta

GIDRT Pre-Doc Fellow

University of Venda

Rendani is in his final year at University of Venda, earning a MSc in Applied Mathematics. He is working under Dr. Guerrant, Dr. Dillingham, and Professor Learmonth using advanced mathematical modeling as an analytical tool in the study of human helminthiases dynamics. His research will contribute to a collaboration between UVA and UNIVEN in research on health priorities of northeast South Africa.

David M. Kahler, Ph.D., E.I.T.

WHIL Innovation Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Virginia

David earned his doctorate in Environmental Engineering from Duke University, where he examined the fluid mechanics of groundwater remediation and a novel technique to speed up contaminant removal. He was an NSF Graduate Teaching Fellow in K-12 education, which led him to India to teach environmental engineering for two summers. Following graduate school, David was an AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow for USAID in the Office of Water. There, he focused on higher education partnerships and water resources management, especially in agricultural projects primarily in Africa. At UVA, David will study the dispersion dynamics of the ceramic water treatment device, Pure Madi.

Phetole Walter Mahasha, PhD

WHIL Innovations Postdoctoral Fellow

UVA / University of Venda

Dr Phetole Walter Mahasha holds a PhD in Medical Immunology with a specialization in the pathogenesis/molecular genetics of HIV/AIDS. He has worked for the National institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) as a postdoctoral Research Fellow on a project titled 'HIV functional cure (HIV vaccines)' and for the Medical Research Council of South Africa as a Specialist Scientist (Science Writer/Project Manager). He also facilitates lectures on the pathology and pathogenesis of HIV and TB.

Lindelani Fhumudzani Mushaphi, PhD

WHIL Innovations Post-doctoral Fellow in Nutrition

UVa Corner Building / University of Venda

Dr. Mushaphi is a lecturer in community nutrition at the University of Venda. She has completed her PhD in Nutrition at the University of Free State, South Africa in 2012. She joined postdoctoral fellowship with WHIL Innovation in January 2014. Her research work focuses on improving nutritional status of children through promotion of breastfeeding, adequate and safe complementary foods. She has conducted focus group discussion interview focusing on factors that influence infant feeding practices of caregivers in Limpopo Province. Dr. Mushaphi’s project will also determine the nutrient composition of locally available foods that are fed to children in rural areas of Limpopo Province. 

Angelina Maphula

WHIL Innovations Post-doctoral Fellow in Psychology

University of Venda, South Africa

Angelina Maphula obtained her Masters in Clinical Psychology from North West University (Mafikeng Campus), South Africa. Her work focuses on child development, assessment and psychopathology. She is passionate about research and keen on developing new programmes to enhance care giving skills among rural mothers. She has served as a supervisor to Cognitive testing team - Mal-ED project from 2012 to date for South Africa site.

Erin I. Root, MArch, MLArch

WHIL Innovations Post-doctoral Fellow in Architecture

UVa Corner Building

Erin has received a Masters in Architecture and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Virginia. Her focus has been on flexible water infrastructure that is adaptable to the landscape and the needs of the communities in the Limpopo region of South Africa. Erin has been part of the University of Virginia, University of Venda, and Mukondeni Pottery Cooperative collaboration since 2011, and has worked with with two groups of undergraduate students to design a Ceramic Filter Factory, Community Center and additional studio for the town of Ha-Mashamba, Limpopo, South Africa. 

Nicoline F. Tanih, PhD

WHIL Innovations Post-doctoral Fellow in Microbiology

University of Venda, South Africa

Dr. Tanih obtained her doctorate in Microbiology from the University of Fort Hare, South Africa; as thesis, she characterized Helicobacter pylori isolates from patients with gastroduodenal pathologies in the Eastern Cape using phenotypic and molecular methods. She specifically has a strong bias in the molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases and in-vitro evaluation of anticancer and anti- inflammatory potential of some potent plant extracts and compounds using tissue and cell culture technology. 

Nicola L. Bulled, PhD, MPH

WHIL Innovations Post-doctoral Fellow in Anthropology

UVa Corner Building

Dr. Nicola Bulled received her PhD in Anthropology from the University of Connecticut and an MPH from Boston University. Her work focuses on examining global-local power dynamics as they relate to access to biomedical knowledge. She is particularly keen on applying her research to develop new approaches to understanding how people interpret health risk and engage in discourse to reduce risk. Through her work with WHIL, she aims to examine the association between engagement in biomedical citizenship and experiences of water insecurity. 

Theresa A. Dankovich, PhD

Theresa A. Dankovich, PhD

WHIL Innovations Post-doctoral Fellow in Chemistry

Thornton Hall (SEAS)

Dr. Teri Dankovich received her PhD in Chemistry from McGill University. Her work focuses on low resource water filtration systems adaptable to disparate environments.During summer 2013, she has served as mentor to a multi-disciplinary team testing and implementing water quality improvement devices in South Africa.