Internal Medicine Resident Training

As part of the Global Health Leadership track, residents have the option to obtain international health experience at MUST.

Project Overview

During their elective as part of the Global Health Leadership Track, internal medicine residents can choose to participate in a clinical and research experience in an international location such as Mbarara, Uganda. During this elective, residents have the opportunitiy to work with partner institutions to experience a different healthcare system, learn about local health concerns, and discover a new culture. Specific research and clinical experiences are varied depending upon the interests of the resident; however, the experience offers a unique perspective on integrating clinical research and healthcare policy in an international setting. 

Project History

The Mbarara University of Science and Technology - University of Virginia research and training collaboration (MUVa) started in 2007 under the leadership of Dr. Christopher C. Moore. Since then Dr. Moore and the UVa Center for Global Health have supported physicians in training at MUST to complete the research aspect of their Masters of Medicine degree.  This has led to seven MUST first authored published manuscripts.  Internal Medicine residents in the Uva Global Health Leadership Track have the option to obtain international health experience at MUST and partner with MUST MMeds to plan and conduct research protocols.  


UVa-CGH partners with the Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital (MRRH), Epicentre Research Center and other health organizations around the world to promote clinical epidemiological research within Uganda.